What are Delta 8 gummies?

Delta-8 gummies is a cannabis extract that’s typically used in smoking joints, bongs or blunts, pipes, and vaporizers. But it can also be used in edibles. Delta 8 gummies are a powdered form of concentrated Delta 8 cannabis extract. The powder is dissolved in alcohol and then added to gelatine (or other similar substance) for gummies.

delta-8 gummies

What’s Delta 8 gummies effect?

When consumed, it can quickly result in a high that’s way more intense than you were expecting from candy but lasts for a relatively short period of time (15 minutes to an hour). The experience can be very different depending on the strain of cannabis used and on the way it was created. Most people who eat cannabis extracts only want to do so once or twice or at most three times because they don’t like the effect as much as other marijuana products like edibles or vaporizers. Personally, I can only handle one gummy due to the effect being too intense.

Is Delta 8 gummies safe? Can they hurt you?

Delta-8 gummies is a potent product that could be harmful if taken in large quantities especially if you have no tolerance for THC. Don’t take this candy lightly! Even if you do have the tolerance to THC do not attempt taking more than a 2-3 ml portion of this candy due to its high potency level which is approximately 600 mg of THC per bottle. Read the directions on your pack to determine the appropriate dosage amount you must take depending on your own personal needs and tolerance level. Do not consume any more than 2 mg at each dosage interval (approximately 10 minutes) because ingesting higher amounts will definitely leave you feeling dizzy, disoriented, and paranoid all day long! Consume small doses throughout your day rather than at once unless you’re planning to sleep for some time after consumption…then take as much as possible! These are definitely not recommended for amateurs but there are reports that some people were able to handle them with relative ease after consuming 20-80mg range spaced out over time 4-6 hours during their day while sober 24 hours before consumption (sobering up before taking them again). If you choose to take D 8 gummies make sure there are professionals around who know how much danger they pose if taken incorrectly such as unsupervised individuals with no tolerance whatsoever who have no idea how much they actually need or what side effects could occur while under the influence of this product without supervision. You definitely don’t want to end up in the ER even worse off than when you first started walking into it! Please be careful! Do not try this product when under the influence! Make sure you’re 100% sober before ingesting any quantity of this candy! Eat food before consuming it! Use responsibly!!!


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