What is the difference between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9?

Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9. So delta-8 THC is from a strain of cannabis called “cannabis indica” which is native to India, Nepal, and other surrounding countries. Cannabis indica is known for its sedating, narcotic, and relaxing effects. It is commonly used to treat pain, insomnia and to relieve muscle spasms. Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 so delta-9 is what you will find in your typical U.S. grown cannabis plant due to the fact that it was developed here and has been bred for higher THC content over time.

Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9

What are the benefits of consuming cannabis?

Pain relief: Many people suffering from chronic pain prefer cannabis over addictive prescription painkillers, such as morphine, oxycodone and others that don’t allow them to function normally during the day or impair their thinking ability when they are trying to drive or operate machinery. The key with cannabis is that it works without causing any high, or impairment of mental function. These pharmaceuticals can cause addiction with regular use for some people and can also lead to higher tolerance levels which means more pills/shots in order to get to feeling normal again. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a newer CBD extract that has been shown to be effective in treating pain without all the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals.

Insomnia: For many people insomnia is something they deal with on a daily basis whether they are a shift worker, have kids who wake at night or are unable to turn off their mind at night with worry or anxiety over some project they may have to work on the next day. Cannabis has been proven in many studies nationwide as being effective in helping people get back into a normal sleeping pattern each night after regular use and when taken regularly it will assist greatly in getting your overall sleep patterns back on track after one month of consistent use nightly before bedtime (Be sure you know how much of the active compounds you need by using our Dosing Guide).

Anxiety: One of the main things that keeps many people from trying medical cannabis as a treatment method for their anxiety problems is their lack of knowledge about what types of strains may relieve their symptoms/disorders enough so that they can function normally during the day without having panic attacks or have anxiety about going out in public places like shopping malls or restaurants where there might be other people around them who they feel uncomfortable being around due to their irrational fear issues. Most likely there is a strain out there that produces just the right combination of cannabinoids & terpenes that produces benefits for you by simply using this accurate dosing guide based off your current pathology/disorder diagnosis .

Mental Illness: Similar symptoms between mental illness & PTSD & Schizophrenia have been observed by patients enrolled in clinical trials across America where medical marijuana was used as one method among many methods used for therapy purposes including exercise, meditation, yoga & Weight Training over time where patients were able to physically notice major improvements in muscle tone/bulk/strength along with cognitive thinking abilities as well as improved moods/appetites while taking part in rigorous physical fitness routines being encouraged by their physicians & therapists prescribing medical marijuana for these patients who generally had terrible side effects from all other medications being prescribed by their doctors prior – this data makes complete sense once you understand how psychotropic drugs work regarding dopamine receptor levels & neurotransmitter volumes within your brain which sits atop your spinal chord just below your skull – this process we call “brain chemistry” tells us exactly why certain strains work better than others when treating certain disorders like schizophrenia since some strains will cause too much dopamine release while others reduce dopamine release which could be part of why certain strains help improve negative symptoms related to this condition like social withdrawal or inability to reason properly while others help improve positive symptoms like reducing paranoia & hallucinations which could be explained through endocannabinoid deficiencies within certain pathways within one’s brain – neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease have also seen great improvements with medical marijuana so far along with other mental health conditions such as ADHD, OCD, depression & bipolar 1 disorder based on anecdotal evidence collected thus far from persons who have taken part in these clinical trials across America. CBD (cannabidiol) appears very promising right now due to its successful results dealing with pain reduction along with anti-inflammatory purposes without any psychoactive properties attached (since CBD does not contain any THC within it).

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