What is the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10?

There are two versions of the Delta-10, Delta 8 and Delta-10 FR. The main difference is that the Delta 8 has no front rail for optics, while the Delta 10 FR has a full-length rail. The Delta 8 will fit any standard 20mm rail, and the Delta-10 FR will fit any standard or Extended 25mm rail. Both versions have a canted front grip and both have the same stock magazine capacity of 30 rounds.


How does the Delta 8 still have a 30 round magazine with only 8 rounds in the tube?

The extra 22 rounds are in a very thin strip behind the bolt which runs alongside the spring guide assembly. This allows for more room to attach other accessories without obstructing access to the bbs in the tube. We see this as an advantage because less accessories means less weight added to your gun. This also allows you to use a wider variety of magazines without being tied down to just one brand or style of magazine for this particular gun. It also gives you extra space for tools or extra batteries if needed on game day if you run out of ammo (another advantage is having spares). As long as it fits in with no major issues, you can adapt whatever magazines will work best for you into this design, even small types like GHK or TM mags/drum units without issue. You just don’t want to use anything that is overly wide or overly thick such as certain p90 magazines as they are a little too wide and long in our testing and could cause feeding issues when using them on this gun (they do work but take some effort to get them to feed properly with no help from gas). With regards to CO2 usage, we recommend using Propane unless you plan on operating at extremely low temperatures or are regularly shooting over 4K shots per cartridge (if that’s all you shoot then why bother owning a GBB?). Butane cartridges are good in short bursts but tend to give off inconsistent results after time due to their unstable nature. Some people like using Butane because it’s cheaper than Propane (in theory) but really all it does is keep people coming back and buying your cartridges over others which ensures game developers’ loyalty since they won’t lose too much profit if you decide not to use them anymore. So really it’s up to individual preference and what works best for you. There is really no right way or wrong way so just do what works best with your shooting style!

Product Update 10/26/2010: The Delta 8 and Delta 10 have now reached a new level of performance! We’ve added even more room to attach accessories and now have a more solid magazine design that is even more reliable than before. This next generation shell also has a much more aggressive texture and ergonomic feel to it which makes it extremely comfortable to shoot. It’s lighter, stronger, and has even better efficiency than the original shells before it!

What is the best magazine to use?

The best magazine for the Delta 8/Delta-10 is any airsoft standard or extended mag with an inner diameter of 29-30mm that has at least 30 round capacity.

What kind of magazines can I use?

You can use any standard or extended airsoft magazine with an inner diameter of 29-30mm and a capacity of 30 rounds or higher. If you want maximum velocity we recommend you use magazines made by Tokyo Marui since they are the most consistent in terms of feeding. You don’t need high quality magazines though since this gun is designed to operate with regular low quality mags as well. As long as you take care of your mags and have them maintained they should work very well for you in terms of reliability which is ultimately what makes a great gun!

Can I use any CO2 cartridge in mine?

If you’re running butane then we recommend using Sanyo/711’s products since they are generally more consistent compared to others (there are some other good brands out there too, but those two brands work best in our opinion). If you’re running propane then we recommend using Crosman’s Propane cartridges. They are consistently longer lasting compared to others and seem to be more efficient when not using temperatures below 50F. In these temperatures, propane can be very harsh on gas blowback guns, so if you live in an area where temperatures fall below 50F then we suggest using Propane Cartridges when not using Butane cartridges if possible to keep your gun happier for longer!


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