What do Delta-8 THC gums taste like?

Delta-8 THC gums taste like any other mint gum, but some people say they taste a little like root beer.

Delta-8 THC gums

Where can I find Delta-8 THC gums?

Delta-8 THC gums are available in medical marijuana dispensaries in California. They’re not approved for sale anywhere else. If you get sick, take medicine that makes you feel like throwing up, or have had severe reactions to marijuana products, talk to a doctor before taking Delta-8 THC gums.

Do Delta-8 THC gums cause a high?

Yes, the same as other marijuana-infused products. They’re edible, so they’ll make you hungry and tired. Less so than smoking marijuana, because the Delta-8 THC is absorbed slowly through your mouth instead of quickly through your lungs. That means you can control the high.

How long does the high from Delta-8 THC gums last?

The high lasts about 90 minutes. It varies, because your body metabolizes the Delta-8 THC at a different rate than your regular metabolism. You can take a second dose after that to increase the effects or just take it later if you want to increase the effects without waiting for the first one to wear off.

What do Delta-8 THC gums look like?

Delta-8 THC gums come in a pink pack of 5 pouches with 25 pieces each, so that’s 125 doses per pack. Each piece is about 1 millimeter across and round. They’re packaged in plastic packaging wrapped in wax paper. The outside is printed with “Delta 8 Chewable” and contains a picture of an orange and brown marijuana leaf with “Delta 8″ above it. The inside is printed with “Product of California″ and “In compliance with California Proposition 215″ with product information on one side and warnings on the other.

How do I take Delta-8 THC gums?

Take 1 piece every ninety minutes if you want the full effects. If you want to just extend the high, take another piece later.

Does Delta-8 THC gum taste bad?

It tastes like bubble gum at first, but then it tastes like anything else mint and marijuana infused gum that you’ve had before. It’s not as good as regular bubble gum, but it’s not unpleasant. It sucks to swallow because it leaves a waxy coating in your mouth, so chew carefully and wash it all down with water. You won’t have to deal with saliva after swallowing for about an hour.

Will Delta-8 THC gums make me high?

Yes, they contain 10 mg of Delta-9 THC gummies per piece, which is enough to get anyone looking for marijuana seriously high if they consume lots of them at once. Keep in mind that these are meant to be taken every 90 minutes, so they’re not nearly as strong as what you’d get smoking or eating four pieces at once. That should prevent people from eating more than one pack of five chews in one day and ending up too stoned to function properly. If you don’t want to be stoned, stick with two pieces a day and wash them down with some water rather than chewing them over twenty minutes and allowing the THC time to build up in your system before washing them down.

How do I get Delta-8 THC gums from a dispensary?

Most dispensaries have staff that will help you find what you need, the product they want to sell to you, and the way to eat or use it. It’s always best to have a little knowledge about the product you’re buying, so you can communicate better with the staff and emphasize how much of a high you want with them. Some places will offer samples if they’ve got puppies or other edibles on hand and want your input on how much marijuana makes them feel relaxed. If you ask for something in particular, it’s good to know what it does so that you can tell them if they need to make any changes to the formula. You don’t want to take their word on something like that without trying some yourself first.

Always be honest with dispensary staff about your marijuana experience. If they think you know what you’re talking about, they will try harder to help you than if it seems like a random person off the street telling them how their weed should be made. They also appreciate honesty because it means they don’t have to worry about over-intoxicating someone who doesn’t know their limit and could become dangerous when stoned out of their mind. Be polite, ask questions, and try not to ruin someone else’s day because you can’t look after yourself properly when high. I hope this helps, happy medicating!

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