What are the ­healing benefits of tea—and combine them with the restorative power of CBD?

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been drinking tea. Tea offers many health benefits, including boosting the immune system, fighting inflammation and aiding in relaxation. Drinking tea regularly can have lasting impacts on your wellness. What if you could boost this with other forms of holistic health?

Sit back, grab a mug of your favorite tea, and let’s chat about some of the most popular teas in the world.



White tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, most commonly grown in India and China. White tea leaves are not fermented like other teas, giving them a light and delicate flavor. Research has shown that white tea is most effective in fighting various forms of cancer due to its high antioxidants; it also strengthens teeth while preventing tooth decay and cavities.


Herbal teas contain blends of spices, herbs, fruits, and other plants. They are used by people who want to relax and unwind. Herbal teas contain no caffeine, so they can be enjoyed by people who want to sleep soundly. The most popular herbal teas reduce menstrual pain, muscle spasms, and bad cholesterol. They offer a soothing properties for those with upset stomachs, fight joint pain and stave off cravings for unhealthy sweets.


Green tea was originally grown and used in China, where it has been used for centuries as a healing agent. Green tea has high levels of flavonoids and is associated with reducing inflammation throughout the body, as well as lowering bad cholesterol, improving heart health, and increasing blood flow. Green tea also contains antioxidants that can help prevent liver cancers, prostate tumors, and breast cancers.


Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are dried and fermented to produce a darker color and richer flavor than green tea. Black tea contains caffeine, which makes it a stimulant and gives it certain antioxidant properties. Because black tea also suppresses the appetite and helps people lose weight, it is sometimes used as part of a weight-loss program.


CBD-infused teas are made by adding CBD oil to tea leaves. These teas contain trace amounts of CBD, and can be used to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and support the immune system.


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