D8 Gooey Grand Daddy Purple Moon Rocks



The Strongest Delta 8 THC Flower are Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks have the highest D8 content in our store. With over 35% Delta 8 THC, Moon Rocks are an ideal choice for experienced smokers or people who need higher doses of D8 to feel relief.

Moon Rocks are buds that are covered in kief and then coated with a layer of hash oil. This process accentuates the terpene content of the cannabis, making this variety extremely potent. Its effects are euphoric and energetic, often leading to a case of the giggles and the strongest high you’ve ever experienced, putting you over the moon.

D8 Moon Rocks has a slow and gradual, yet powerful, onset that leaves you functioning but feeling serene, calm and relaxed. This versatile strain is great to use during the day or at night, depending on your tolerance level.

The whole high starts to kick in within five minutes and grows slowly over the next 15 minutes.

At ~37.5% Delta 8 THC, these Moon Rocks are the most potent D8 flower available. Moon Rocks averages 37.5% Delta 8 THC — much higher than percentages in other typical Delta 8 strains — and is balanced out by generous servings of CBG, CBD, and terpenes that help to strengthen and complement the bud.

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