D8 Paris OG Strain – CBD Wellness Review

When you’re out at a party or even a business function, sometimes you want to be sociable and talkative. Sometimes you just want to relax. When it comes to marijuana, you have that choice. If you’re looking for a good strain for relaxing, check out the Paris OG strain.

D8 Paris OG is a great strain for socializing and relaxing

Paris OG is a great marijuana strain for socializing and relaxing. It’s loud, sweet and gives you the kind of experience that you won’t soon forget. You can hang out with friends, go to parties and even enjoy yourself at the club with this strain. It’s a great way to kick back after a long day or a hard week of work.

A typical hit of Paris OG will give you the giggles and make you feel super happy overall. Your mood will improve dramatically, making it easier to relax completely. If you want to sit back on the couch and watch TV or play video games, this is the perfect strain for that occasion too!

Beware of Paris OG’s creeper high

Across the pond in Europe, and specifically France, Paris OG is among the most popular strains on the market. This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Fire OG and Bubba Kush. Its effects gradually take over your body and will leave you feeling relaxed, happy and sleepy.

The average amount of time it takes to feel the full effects of Paris OG is about one hour. That’s why this strain is best suited for night time use. When you smoke Paris OG, your body will immediately begin to relax and your mind will drift into a slower pace.

What Does Paris OG Taste Like?

In many ways, Paris OG provides a classic cannabis taste. The skunk and pine flavors are unmistakable, while the lemon and lime notes offer a pleasant aftertaste.

You might initially get hints of diesel along with an earthy scent. However, you should also get a strong smell of citrus once you grind the buds.


Overall, Paris OG is an herbal, calming and soothing strain. It is also a potent strain with a noticeable creeper high, so don’t underestimate it. The strain is helpful to treat conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, depression and migraines. It is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day!

Backed by our satisfaction guarantee and superior service, we are proud to make this celebrated strain available in our store. Place your order today!


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