About us

How California Blendz Started

CaliBlendz was created out of necessity. As the hemp market continues to grow, there are more products flooding the market everyday. Moreover, with each new product, there was a new company trying to make quick money. Despite the craziness the CBD market has become, we opened Cali Blendz to try help ease the overwhelming feeling, and bring high quality products to the market you can trust. Of course every product is 3rd party tested by a qualified lab to insure quality and compliance. You can shop all of our products with peace of mind knowing everything we sell is the highest quality, we do not sell anything we do not use ourselves.

If you want to browse our products, we have CBD and Delta 8 products.

About Us

CaliBlendz is a small group who are passionate about CBD and all the good it can bring to ones life. Similarly, we want to bring convenience to your life by making your CBD shopping experience a breeze. Of course everything we sell can be shipped right to your door. Additionally, are passionate in bringing quality and peace of mind when buying CBD products. Where you are ingesting or smoking CBD products, you want the highest quality flower with no additives, no exceptions. At California Blendz, we fill that role. We source all of our product locally for freshness and quality. All COA’s are posted on the products page so you can view them before you buy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to email at hello@californiablendz.com