Beginners Guide for How to Joint a Roll Easily, Step by Step

Before learning about joint rolling, we will also discuss common grinders used to create the perfect smoke. Depending on what kind of smoke you like to puff, you’ll want a different grinder. Here are our thoughts about all things joints rolling.

How to Prepare a Joint roll:

Step 1: Grind Your CBD

The first step to making joint rolls is to insert your premium CBD into your grinder. You can use your fingers or scissors or hands if you have the finger strength. You may choose to store your CBD in the grinder as well, if so you’re ready to roll!

 Step 2: Create Your Filter (Optional)

This step is not necessary for all smokes; if you need it then you can try otherwise not skip these steps.

Decide if you want to add a crutch (filter) to your joints. As per our recommendation, it’s not necessary but it helps produce a more even, clean smoke. You can try it with a little piece of weed in your mouth to see if it might help make a smoother inhale into your lungs.

Step 3: Fill Your Paper with CBD

Onto the fun part of filling & rolling your joint. First off, take a paper from your roll pack and make a small crease on this paper. This is to ensure after filling, you’re able to hold it with your hand.

Joint a roll

Step 4: Start to Shape Your Joint

After filling with CBD, you’ll need to start to give shape to your joint.  Use your finger and thumbs to make the shape the roll into a joint. Take your finger and thumb, squeeze the sides and roll it between the fingers to achieve an even roll. It will become easier over time with practice, and the first few won’t look that great. You got to start somewhere 🙂

Step 5: Roll & Seal Your Joint

It’s imperative to seal the joint so that it doesn’t unfurl and spill. Make sure that you put in effort to ensure a smooth seal. Most people do it slowly in one smooth motion.

Step 6: Pack Your Joint

After rolling your joints you can pack your roll. Packing the roll condenses the size and makes the smoke stronger. Packing also makes sure your CBD doesn’t fall out the back end while you’re smoking it.

Step 7: Twist the Top of Your Joint

The last step to completing your joint is to twist the top. This condenses the joint one last time and provides a mechanical seal at the end.

Congratulations!!!! You have learned about how to roll a joint, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


These simple steps will help you create the perfect pre roll, or joint. Feel free to come back as a refresher to figure out how to roll a more smooth joint.

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